Friday, June 19, 2009

liz comes home

my friend liz came home from australia yesterday after a semester of study. we had a surprise welcome-home party for her at the park. she told us all kinds of great stories of the fun she had. then we headed to the water for swimming.

oh yes, & i found my camera!!

mieke willems: hello! i'm glad you liked the link. i thought it was fabulous. & beirut!! if you haven't already, be sure to check out all of their other music. they are amazing!

dandelionkisses: i know! i am so glad i found it. you are welcome my dear:]

oppy: hehe :o) i can never tire of pride & prejudice.

「 thy lady 」: hello! you are definitely welcome! & thank you :] i love my yellow room too.


  1. Oh lucky Liz! Thats so sweet you guys did that for her :) Yay you found it!!

  2. *high fives fellow Grease lover*
    Thanks for visiting my blog - your photography is lovely! :)

    Hehe...I love ambushing Americans in Aus. Your accents are so adorable (fact)!

  3. hey, found your blog via penelope sara, great soundtrack!