Tuesday, June 2, 2009

how i spent my morning

i went to the library to return some books & check some out. i spent my time just wondering around & picking up anything that looked interesting. this is a list of what i got:
the green book
the adventures of tintin: the black island
moomin: the complete tove jansson comic strip
marx for beginners
everything is illuminated
extremely loud & incredibly close
yotsuba&!i had some delicious pineapple upside down cake after lunch today while i was watching burn notice.

jubilee wanted some cake too, but i didn't give her any. no people food for her!dandelionkisses: :D thanks! we need to go thrifting together! i liked into the wild! haha.

inside the cabinet of wonder: you're welcome:] & i actually haven't sent yours yet. i am going to send them with your package. hope that's ok!

jane & allison: you're welcome darlings.


  1. Oh my goodness! i absolutely LOVE pinapple upside down cake. I thought it was one of those desserts forgotten about over time! Reminds me of sunday tea times as a kid :)

  2. Yotsuba&! is great!
    I used to be really into it.

  3. Yay I love Burn Notice! And eww pinapple :P

  4. hey! i bought extremely loud and incredibly close and it just arrived!! we should read it together :)

  5. nicely spent morning , lina :)
    i have to fix so many things these days

  6. Oh you're so lovely! That award is gorgeous :) Libraries are so cool. The best part is the books are free.

    p.s I love the thrift finds in your previous post.

  7. mm, pineapple(upside down?!) cake sounds good! cute litte dog, she really looks like she wants a piece of that cake!

  8. Ha, I'm not exactly sure how to reply to comments left by you yet, so I'll just reply here :P Of course you can use my photos! And is there any way you could send a few of the ones you took? Oh btw I need blogging help later when it is convenient for you :)

  9. Burn Notice, pineapple upside down cake and Everything Is Illuminated? That's a good day!