Friday, June 5, 2009

toblerone & water cups

i had toblerone for the first time yesterday. it's strange to me that i have never tried it before then. it was good, but i couldn't find anything overly special about it. is that bad? how do you like toblerone?

i have been unpacking from moving & cleaning my room for the past three days. it was a big job, but now i am finished! & my room looks nice once again.

this morning i was woken up to alice the cat drinking the water from my cup at the side of my bed! yuck! she was drinking for a good minute & i was debating if it would scare her off if i reached down to get my camera & take a photo for evidence. i finally decided to try. so i reached down, grabbed my camera, unzipped the case, turned it on, & snapped some photos. i was so sure the noises would startle her & she would stop, but she just went along drinking my water! what a silly cat!i think i might change where i put my water because i don't want this to happen again. at least it's not as bad as when i discovered a moth floating in my water a year ago. eww!

kayleigh: :D aww. i never really had it before. but it was really good!

allison: it's so funny! i find myself laughing out loud at parts. the little girl, yotsuba, is so cute & funny!

dandelionkisses: woo hoo burn notice! you know the just started a new season? i didn't know you don't like pineapple. thanks for letting me use your wonderful photos! i'll try to send you the ones i took...eventually:] yes! i will love to help you! i'll text you when i am at the computer & i have time.

srg85: mancala is so fun! i have to find something to use as the game pieces though...i'm not sure what yet. :]

abbie: really!!? oh cool. doesn't it look cool inside with all those neat photos & words here & there? we shall see how far i get in it before i have to return it...:]

xavia: thanks:D let me know if you get your cranes!

perfectly placed pauline: i'm glad you like it:] i know, i love free things!!

maria: it is wonderful! & she really did want a piece! hehe.


  1. Awww, your cat is so cute! My cat, Sonic, did the same thing with my dad's water glass too.

  2. I love toblerone and Royal Pains.
    *watched Burn Notice c:

  3. Toblerone is chocolate, and all chocolate is a friend of mine! My weakness is chocolate. Your cat is so gorgeous. It's so cute when they drink water!

    p.s, I came across this website with vintage photos, you might like it!

  4. I stopped counting the times I got woken up by our cat standing on the sofa table drinking from our water glasses in the middle of the night - its water bowl standing not more than half a meter away. Sometimes I think cats do it to tease us ;-)
    About toblerone: it's a quite average chocolate. It's nice but I wouldn't kill for it.

  5. oh lina lina lina!!! thank you so much for wishing me luck!! it went really well, i think people liked my work!! :)
    oh i cannot wait to get my package!! eeek!!
    i hope you are well, and cannot wait to hear more from you my dear friend!
    i love this post, its so cute!!

  6. hey hey the tagging monster me is tagging you again,have fun :)