Monday, June 29, 2009

cranes are done!

the 100 cranes for my 100th post giveaway are completed! well, they were finished being folded about two months ago, but i never strung them together. but now there are completed! & they are going to melissa who won the giveaway. i hope she likes them:] my sister & her guyfriend tristan modeled them for me. thanks guys! also, i would like to tell you about a fellow blogger, lulu of delicate diaries, who is opening her shop on etsy soon. you can check out her shop's blog here.

dandelionkisses: haha i feel like they should pay me for getting so many fans for them! lol. i had more videos but i had trouble uploading the rest of them:/
inside the cabinet of wonder: aha! how cool is that?! :D


  1. THAT IS AMAZING! I love it! :D :D

    - I was just wondering if you would like to trade postcards? I have so many postcards I would like to send to many people & you are one of them! Let me know what you think!

    J -

  2. Omigoodness I love your models! Hehe so great. Hey I love the way you did those cranes! I want some! Oooooh I do I do! And you napping? Hmmmm strange. Lol I have been tired latley...I bet it's the heat! Yep thats it the heat.

  3. thanks,lina.and yes it is most likely to use watercolor, but don't bother with specific paper, all paper will do the job :) so you're really making me one ?sweeeet

  4. WOW! looks great! you should continue making them!

  5. That is seven electric servings of splendid!
    How great & colourful would it look hanging in someone's room!