Friday, June 12, 2009


my sister & i thank you for all your well wishes & prayers! the top illustration (from here) is to say thanks:] raquel is better after having to undergo a special procedure. now she is on the way to recovery!

today i am leaving for a short trip with my father to a health fair. i'll be back blogging on sunday...hopefully! have a beautiful weekend everyone :o)

allison: thank you hun! ugh! i want your sandals:D

the cherry blog: thanks my dear.

melissa: yeah she does. thanks for praying:] that's ok melissa, are you going to still be on staff? gayle & i are:]

brit & nowhereinparticular: thanks:] the plant is called purple shamrock.

perfectly placed pauline: thank you! hmm...maybe i should do a room post. oh & i hope you got your cranes?

nottia: oh but i love plane rides! their half the fun:] i haven't seen royal pains yet but i am downloading the first episode free from itunes right now!


  1. I'm glad she is doing better!

  2. Yey :) Oh I laughed at that top quote. I have watched many a boring-bad-crappy movies with my boyfriend.

    Yes the cranes found me well! They're really cute and the paper is gorgeous. As you know I'm at my new place so I had my sister post them to my new address. It came faster than I thought considering it's international. I'm currently putting together something for you now! :)

  3. what is the longest plane ride you have been on?
    I can't stand long car rides. DDD; Corpus Christi to Dallas was a pain, 7 hours.

    Tell me what you think of it~
    I really like Tucker's voice. n__n

  4. omg tell caleb to teach me how to skate. haha. i've always wanted to learn. (:

    yes it is pretty amazing. i like looking back at what i did.

    have fun at the health fair (=

  5. v. glad to hear your sister is doing well. and also, i might have just realised the full radiant chirpiness of your blog. i'm home sick and it's just perked me up. x

  6. I'm glad to hear that your sister feels better!
    Have a nice trip.

  7. I love that quote up the top! Personally, boys who sit through Dirty Dancing with me are deemed the best of friends :) what's your movie indulgence?