Monday, June 1, 2009

thrifting, movies, mail

i went thrifting yesterday! this is what i got:a mancala game for $0.50a jean vest for $3.50 three la femme fine porcelain cups by shafford from 1981 for $0.35 each

i also went to the video store & bought some dvds for $6 each!
yes, i finally have twilight! :D
i am finally sending off some cranes to some 100 post participants! you know who you are:]
today i am off to a picnic in the park with some friends i went to high school with. i'm excited.


  1. Omigoodness! I simply ADORE the cups you bought! :) You have thrifting skills. Ick I hate that movie Into the Wild :P

  2. oh thank you for my lovely award! i heart it!!! :D
    yay i cannot wait for my cranes, they will live in my room forever!!
    you always find the most wonderful things!!! into the wild is amazing!! beautiful film! oh and once...i love it so much. and i don't even need to say how much i like twilight!!
    hope you are up to some fun fun stuff!!

  3. Mancala! I love that game =) I also think you got yourself a very fine jeans vest!