Wednesday, June 10, 2009

cold days

my sister has been sick for the past four days with tonsillitis. she has been seeing a specialist for it. right now she doesn't talk because it hurts too much:/ & she barely eats. poor thing! i've been giving her soft things to eat & drink like avocado & carrot juice. pray for her please &/or wish her to get better.two photos from my room. my window & my lovely plants.i visited my grandmother yesterday. she lives in a big city & an old victorian house. we just sat & talked & took polaroids. these photos are from the drive on the freeway. as you can see the weather has been pretty cold & overcast.

nottia: ooo! out of the country? how fun!

allison: oh thank you. but for some reason when i try that it doesn't work... i'll have to just keep working on it. she is quite cute:D thanks.

dandelionkisses: yeah i did. it seemed to be well made. i liked it, but it was sad at the end. haha that would be cool if we did get our licenses on the same day:D

brinja: thank you!

patricia: thanks:] well, the music works now so don't worry!

xavia: hehe yes. :D

melissa: oh really? haha nice! congratulations to her! yeah i missed one the first time. yes! let's get together. probably not this week though because of raquel being sick:/ next week maybe? let's talk at church.

alexa: oh it was a good day! when you say it like that it sound perfect!


  1. I will pray for your sister to get better!
    And your room looks really nice, love your plants!

    And the brown sandals are mine. :]

  2. aaaw poor sis, hope she gets better soon! x

  3. aww im sorry about raquel! i pray for her! maribel told me she has tonsilitis (sp?). hope she gets well soon! how she feeling? and i got your voicemail on monday. sorry i never replied, i had work that night! booo.

  4. Too bad about your sister... hope she gets well soon! That plant with the funky leaves is so neat! What is it called?

  5. Well tell her to get well. Enjoy the picks, what is the named of your plant called?

  6. Oh I love that picture of your room. I can't wait to decorate my new room and you've given me some ideas! Wishing your sister a speedy recovery :)

  7. mhmn!
    I'm excited aside from the plane ride.

    I watched Burn Notice!
    I actually liked this episode.
    Royal Pains was good too, I'm going to miss it.

  8. i hope your sister gets well soon! Avocado's a great fruit, especially the juice! yumm

    I really like what you've done with your window :D