Monday, June 8, 2009

milk & parks

photo from google image
i watched milk with abbie the other day. emile hirsch was great! i love him:] what a cutie!
i don't drive. & today was the third time i got my driving permit. everytime they expired before i could get my license. haha. but i got all the questions right today!! pretty good i must mom & i took jubilee to the dog park on saturday. it was nice meeting other dog owners who frequent the park. it was jubilee's first time & at first she was really scared & nervous. but afterwards she relaxed & now she loves it!

inside the cabinet of wonder: ooo! i'm glad you will send me the postcard!! i was hoping you would:D
allison: good! thanks. i really like her blog! i just wish i could figure out the commenting thing. it doesn't seem to work for me:/ except for that one time & i'm not sure what i did!


  1. What I do to comment on her blog is click on the open ID option and then put my blog URL in the space there.

    It will not work if it's on the livejournal option and you don't have a livejournal account.

  2. BTW, your dog is absolutely adorable!!

  3. You saw Milk huh? How was it? I don't want to see it.....Yay! You should get your license. We should go for ours the same day! Haha. Oh and I LOVE your blog songs. Amazing :)

  4. Congrats on the test!

  5. your dog is adorable!
    also, when you say you can't see my music player, is there just a blank space, or will it just not play? x

  6. haha, my older sister just took hers last week, she got 100 also. :D seems like every time you take you test you get better. haha. didn't you only miss one last time? pretty good. we should hang out on my day offs since you're already on summer vaca. tehe.