Tuesday, June 30, 2009

strawberry plant

i went to a plant nursery today with my mom & her friend. there were so many plants! i went home with a baby strawberry plant. at the nursery they gave you little red wagons to pull your plants in. i thought it was really cute! & the garden kitties were so sweet:]

maria: why thank you! when you make your book, you should definitely blog about it so i can see! & i may make another string of cranes in the future, we shall see!

penelope: oh i'm glad you like the cranes! i hope it will add a nice touch to melissa's room:] & i like what you said: "seven electric servings of splendid!" ha! very cool. the pocket in my book was the last finishing touch. i'm happy with how it turned out:]

dandelionkisses: oh i know! i need to get to bed earlier. "geez girl could you get any more talented?" hehe this made me smile. i'm glad you like my book! maybe i'll need to make you one! & that piano music is simply amazing.

angelica!: thank you!


  1. Oh! Would you? I'd just love one :) I'll make you something too, I shall try and think of what hehe, I'm not as creative as you. Aw I"m happy it made you smile :) Aw I love plants! My room is so full of them now I don't know how I shall fit any more, and I want more! :P

  2. Awhhhh strawberry plant! That's so cute! I love the nursery and all the plants & gardening, I'm loving how my plants are growing so well in the stormy weather! I'm actually surprised they're actually growing heehee. I love variety of things to plant especially ones you can actually eat some day! :P

  3. Hey angelina! i gave you awards! YEY!

  4. Makes me long for summer and for gardening... love those two charming felines too. I believe that their twins live over here.