Monday, June 8, 2009

lazy summers

with the first day of summer fast approaching, xavia has tagged me to share some of my favorite things about summer! (all photos from google image)
most of my summers are consumed with fairs! i usually work at the local county fair to display all of the neat crafts & art people make & enter to win ribbons! it's loads of fun & i like walking around fairs. but most of all, what i love about summer is that there is no school & i can just lay back & be lazy.i tag those of you who commented me on the last post:
allison: haha really? oh boy... these cats!
nottia: :] ooo! is royal pains good? i wanted to see that premier.
perfectly placed pauline: yes chocolate IS pretty goood. it makes me laugh because cats take a long time to drink a little bit of water :-S hehe. that website is amazing!! thank you for sharing it!
srg85: haha oh these silly cats! that's a funny little story:] & i feel the same way about the toblerone! i guess i was expecting something extraordinary.
inside the cabinet of wonder: you're welcome! i'm glad everything was good & there were no disasters or anything :o)
xavia: hehe "tagging monster." i like that:] thanks for the fun.


  1. hey lady!!!
    thank you! the night was so much fun! i am going to send you some of my postcards of my work. :)
    yeah i will be at my uni flat until the i will email you my home address.
    summer, summer..eek, full of work and lots of play!

  2. Ah! I will tell her.

    And thanks for commenting on her blog!
    I know she appreciates it.

  3. Ahyesyes!
    I think it's my new favorite show!
    I do really love House MD and it's not like it exactly but it does look good. c:
    Unfortunately, next week and the thursday after, I won't be able to see the new episodes; on an account of I'll be in another country. :D

  4. Oh I love the last photo. It reminds me of you ^_^