Sunday, June 21, 2009

zines please

got some zines in the mail! one from maren of frl.zucker, one from olivia arrow of hss reader, & three from tiny paper hearts (all in order below). i bought them all from etsy. i'm excited to read them!
there are four more spaces left for the gift giving project, so sign up for it! check here.

it's father's day today, but my papi is gone on a trip :/ so i didn't see him today. i did call him though & that made me a little happier:]

allison: they did turn out great! they were so yummy! i can't wait for the next narnia to come out:D

jennifer: thank you :o) & i love narnia too!

xavia: haha! i wish i could send them:]

muchlove: hello! that's exactly what i do when i look at them. & you can read about my polaroid here if you want:]

brit: hello! oh i know! i LOVE cheese & so this vegan stuff is tough. i'm done trying it out by this saturday though. & then it will be back to being just a regular vegetarian for me:]

dandelionkisses: :D yay i'm glad you like everything! haha. this girl is done with veganism on saturday... but i think i might be less inclined to eat animal products now:]

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh it is ok! i'm happy you liked what i sent! hehe. don't worry about taking time to send me something. i know how it is moving back home, believe me!

janessalynne: :o) they were yummy. i wish you could have stayed too! thrifting this week? yes yes yes!


  1. so whats the idea behind this? i make somethin' creative and send it to you guys? and you'll send somethin back?? it sounds like a grand idea, if so.

  2. Ok thats great :) I'm proud of you. Aw I love the stamps on the envelopes!

  3. I KNEW you were going to love that shirt! Hehe I was waiting for you to comment on it :P I love you *blows kiss*