Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what i am up to

well, the weekend was nice. here are some updates:
looking for my camera! i don't know where it is, hence no photos by me! uh oh.
learning the funeral by band of horses on my guitar:]
making envelopes from magazine covers.
trying to be vegan for two weeks! yikes! today is day four. by the way, my cousin just started a vegan blog! go check it out:]
enjoying these blogs: penelope sara, nomnomnom, & make.tea.not.war.
thinking this is a really neat project.
laughing at this. silly people!
liking this music video.

allison: me too :]
perfectly placed pauline: ohh haha, yeah i liked that quote. oh good! i'm glad you got them ok. i wanted to send more, but i didn't want it to be too heavy. can't wait to see my surprise:D
nottia: i'm not sure...i think about six hours? it's hard to remember because it was at night & i was in & out of sleep. yeah car rides aren't the greatest. i hate how my legs feel afterwards. yuck! i'll be sure to let you know about the show. i have yet to see it!
janessalynne: haha yeah he should teach you next time he visits! hehe.
little bo peeep: hello! & thank you:] wait, did you say avocado juice?? wow! i never tried that before. hmmm!
patricia: :D i'm glad my blog made you happy!


  1. You totally made my day with the link to the awkward pictures! Hilarious =)
    And once again - I really enjoy the music on your blog!!!

  2. oh thank you! Enjoying your blog too!

  3. Awh! Thanks for stopping by my blog & that lovely compliment! Ah I must say you have a rather nifty blog 'ere yourself dear :D I LOVE your yellow room :D