Friday, June 26, 2009

thrifting again

i went thrifting with melissa yesterday morning! it was fun:] these are photos of what i bought! a framed art original $1.50, two children's books: angelina on stage $1.50 & rua and the sea people $0.25 a vintage new zealand maori fable book with really cool illustrations, & a cream theory cardigan $1.50.

dandelionkisses: really? yes come! & yessss raquel & tristan! haha.

penelope: haha! yes, that sounds like what would go with that drawing! i like it:]

xavia: ok! i'll try sending it there. :] i'll let you know when i send it ok?


  1. Reminds me of the artwork for Keane album! You should take more photos of the insides!

  2. Here we see once again that happiness doesn't cost a whole lot. Less than $5 in this example =) Really nice things you've found!