Thursday, July 2, 2009


wow! my friend of mymyganda has given me these awards! i am so surprised that i almost don't know what to do with them all. i am honored. thank you! i shall give these awards out!

raindrops on roses & penelope sara shall receive the following award:make.tea.not.war & patty cakes shall receive the following award:vegan goodies & sarah's loft shall receive the following award:ashes on snow & looking through mauve-colored glasses shall receive the following award:perfectly placed pauline & inside the cabinet of wonder shall receive the following award:

whew! hope you all like your awards!

dandelionkisses: i just made four books today. one will be yours! the kitties were so sweet. i liked the orange one the best.

jennifer: oh good! it was my first attempt. i really like how it looks! wow! your plants are growing good in stormy weather?? that's good! haha. & i know what you mean about growing edible plants :P

patricia: why thank you! "fantasmagorical" hehe, i like:]

my-my: yikes! thank you!!

brit: thanks :] it makes me happy that you like it.

allison: hehe:D

inside the cabinet of wonder: ohh isn't it?! hehe. eek! i can't wait!


  1. Thanks soooo much for the award! Oui, I feel so happy & giddy *dances around! merci beaucoup dear! I shall add it to my side bar ;)

    - Ohh, that's so sweet of you to have already written & sent the postcard away to me! I have written & sent yours today! Let's hope they arrive around the same time! That'll be perfect! :)


  2. thank you thank you thank you :) i love your blog too

  3. awwwww angelina those kitty cats on your previous blogs are so cuuuute! and i love the colorful cranes! they will soon be mine! :D yeah i dont know what to do with all of those awards yet either. hahaha. (:

  4. Thank-you so much!

  5. oh thankyou!
    you are incredibly sweet.