Monday, July 20, 2009

go fly a kite

camping was pretty good. we went to the beach which was about five minutes away from where we were staying. but my sister got tonsillitis again & she had to go back early, so it wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been because she wasn't there the whole time. on the way home we stopped for some food & there was this huge fabric store across the street. so much fabric!

pauline: your writing was not messy at all :] & thanks for the happy camping wishes!

dandelionkisses: ugghhh. i didn't make it to urban outfitters :/ i just came back from campmeeting on sunday. oh & yeah texture & taste. because i can never find anything i like when it comes to vegan mac n cheese.

brinja: oh yes! i do! i could have sworn i sent it... i'll just send it again :]

my-my: yay! i tried to leave a comment yesterday, but i couldn't...i'll try again!

nottia: oh i do the same thing!! whenever the bacardi commercial comes on. & i love that commercial anyways :]

thy lady: woo hoo! i'm excited too :]


  1. Lina! That beautiful sale, wasted....On both of us! I know tell me about it! I thought I'd never get a good recipe. Well I melted margarine and whisked in flour and that I think made it think and "cheesy" and then for taste it was nutritional yeast. I'll make it for you when you come up :)

  2. Oh thank you Lina for the video! It was cute I liked it :)

  3. That first shot is beautiful. :)!
    Ooh I would be unable to restrain myself around all that pretty fabric, ha!

  4. This let me remrember a book i have ever read. named ”the kite runner" i love that sotry,lina,have you ever read this book?

  5. Awh all that fabric looks so lovely! :) I couldn't resist either!

    P.S. I just realised I totally forgot to tell you I received your postcard last week!! I've just been so caught up with everything I really did forget! So sorry dear. I love it sooo much, the picture is so lovely thank you so much! When I came home that day I went into my room and all my mail was under my door and I picked up your postcard and it sure made my day! Once I've gathered together all me postcards I shall post about it! ;)

  6. "oh go fly a kite!" I love Juno.

    That beach looks beautiful. I'm sorry your sister got sick and couldn't stay the entire time. I hope she feels better soon!

    Those fabrics are luscious. I want to run my figners across them!

    Jordyn is my mom's pooch but I consider myself her super cool auntie who spoils her alot. She is actually half maltese half poodle so a maltipoo : )

  7. HEY! I don't know how long its going, but the day of it was hectic. But the Longs I mentioned was the one on Sonoma Blvd. I hope there's still a lot. I am hoping to go back again. :D

  8. was this soquel? gah haven't been there since I was like 12. you take some amazing photos!

  9. Oh I miss flying a kite... must do it sometime soon! =D

  10. oh lina you have the best adventures!!!
    i want to have a fun filled adventure with you one day!!!

  11. Hey Lina, sorry to hear about your sister... But other than that incident your little trip sounds perfect. Love that fabric store. Just what I need for my pillow project!