Sunday, July 5, 2009

fireworks, shortcake, & roddick

fireworks from last night. i thought these photos looked pretty cool. we took jubilee with us & she didn't mind the sound. it was so cold though that we left a little early.
we spent most of the day in the backyard (no beach this time). mom made strawberry shortcake. i thought it was perfect on the blue plate for red-white-&blue! alice wanted some too.

i'm in front of the tv right now watching wimbledon! i'm not an avid tennis fan, but i do like it & watch it when i can. i'm rooting for roddick (right), but i know federer (left) is very good. who would you want to win?

image from here

dandelionkisses: oh i know i know! & i hope you had fun:]

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh man! it would kill me to wait that long. it's coming out here on july 17th. & zooey IS amazing! love her. ooo! my cranes :D

i_might_be_wrong: oh i know! i think she is at the top of my list of coolest famous people :o)

nottia: oh yeah i know what you are talking about. well, i watched quite a few episodes of burn notice on thursday & friday, but i haven't caught anything else. & i still haven't finished downloading royal pains! everytime i'm online i forget to finish! ugh. i'm going to have to do that...

gracia: hello! ahh yes gardening:] & twins! oh, how nice!

jeska: !! yes!


  1. wow for the fireworks being in your backyard, they're good of a view! mmmm that shortcake looks yummeeeh. (:

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