Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fabulous fabric

my oh my i've been getting so many things in the mail lately! it's simply amazing & makes me happy all day! i received a free grab bag of fabric from singapore from karen & +handmadelove+. i believe that the giveaway is continuing this whole month of july, so you should check it out here. all you have to do is pay for shipping (about $3.50 usd). anyways, i love my fabric!! aren't the patterns lovely?

i started school again yesterday. ugh. not very happy about that. i'm taking two classes for my major (sociology) that are 3 1/2 hrs each & in the same classroom. this means i am in the same classroom for 7 hours twice a week. yikes. at least one of my classes is sociology of film & we get to watch a movie in each class. so that makes it a little better. i'm excited to see what movies we will be watching :o)

thy lady: oh you're too cute! haha i feel like dancing around with you :D you are welcome. oh good! i think my postcard to you will like it's new home.
inside the cabinet of wonder: thanks dear! oh i know right!? awesome gift. i just started tin man & i'm liking it indeed :]
kait: oh i know! she's so cute & i always have the biggest grin plastered on my face just because she does. haha. ooo nice! definitely a great plan to see them! i have my own collection of zooey magazine covers too! welcome hun :o)
brinja: aw. :o) yes, i have been busy.
allison: such a good song! i think it may be my song for summer 09.


  1. You have been getting alot in the mail! Lucky girl! Those fabrics are all wonderful.

    I cannot wait for school to start (August for me.) I need something to make me feel prodcutive again!

  2. Well there you go! That must be why I thought of you :) Omg, that fabric is divine!

  3. Pretty fabric. We just got an old, old couch from Morten's dad that needs some pillows. I was considering making some myself. Fabric like that would be amazing for my project!
    And good luck in school! I'll first start in late August again, so I really feel for you!

  4. You are so lucky having so much mail! I love mail - it's just the greatest when it arrives! Haaa! That fabric is absolutely lovely! I love it & I signed up for it too! Heehee! Awh! I start uni in a week & I so can not be bothered :( ahhhh!

  5. being the little oddity that i am, i read this post title as:

    'Fantasmagorical fabric'.

    clearly i use this word too much, and clearly this fabric is, indeed, loverly beyond comprehension. x

  6. that's so beautiful, I love little bits of floral fabric. My mother made this blanket cover with floral curtain samples she accumulated over the years. It's simply beautiful. So you should share what you'd do with it later! ;)

    I too love love mail. When I was younger, I had pen pals and it was the best thing ever. There's nothing like handwritten mail and writing to you before brought me back to fun times :)

  7. Fabulous fabric indeed! I'm about to post some "Brinja" badges but I never received you address:) If you still want one just mail me...