Sunday, July 12, 2009


i've been getting so many nice comments! thanks everyone!
inside the cabinet of wonder: oh yes! & i love numbers & math & all that nerdy stuff & the time thing just made my day:] oh & i found the sweet disposition song from the 500 days of summer trailer (if you didn't know already (i'm guessing you did :o))) oh & the package is still being compiled...:]
perfectly placed pauline: :D yes i have been & thank you! ooo! i can't wait to get it in the mail!! so excited!
jennifer (thy lady): hehe. yeah & the flowers really did only last a day! & i do have a record player:] it looks like this.
srg85: yeah! they did. when i looked back they were all dried up & brown :/
xavia: :o)
dionne: hello! it is pretty funny :] we like to draw them on our fingers when we are bored.
maca: of course i haven't forgotten about you! i'm glad you like the photo :]
kait: hello! thank you! oh yes, i love la bamba & everything ritchie valens.
dandelionkisses: haha silly raquel. yeah i think that's how my boss found out about it, through a text.
jennifer: yes! i did get it! thank you!! yes, i think it is a lomo photo. love those cameras!
onic: hello! awe thank you :]
mieke willems: hehe. it's pretty fun & silly :]
allison: oh ok. yeah maybe i'll start that one...i'm glad you gave a suggestion because no one else really did :] thank you!
patricia: hahaha! that's so funny! oh man, that must make the presentation more lively!
live2laugh: hello! hehe cute story with the boyfriend :o). thank you for your nice words & for stopping by!

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