Thursday, July 9, 2009

la moustache

this is my sister. we were goofing off after work yesterday :o)

while at work, we were told that the cactus outside was blooming & the flowers only lasts for one day. i loved the flowers. they looked like bunches of feathers.another cool thing happened yesterday. my boss told me that at 4:56 it would be 456789 because it would be 4:56 on 7/8/09. ha! really neat. also it would be 123456789 at 12:34 & 56 seconds on 7/8/09. weird cool stuff :]

dandelionkisses: i can't wait! :]

inside the cabinet of wonder: yes yes! it was wonderful! & thanks :o)

sarah: oh i know! it makes me sad just to think of it.


  1. haha, i love the pic of your sister!
    wow, that is pretty amazing! i love it when people end up telling you random facts and things.. that one has made me smile! :) i will never look at a clock in the same way!
    hope you are wonderful!

  2. ooh you've been up to so many great things! Ah the books are so cool! You're so creative, they look so beautiful! And the 4th of July celebrations looked so fun.

    I've missed out on so much, I have been a bit busy...but your date stamp is on it's way! :D

  3. i always look forward to your comments on my blog, they always seem so happy!
    :D :D :D ps, love love the sweet disposition song!!! LOVELOVE

  4. The cactus way too cool! It does look like giant feathers xD

    ohhhh the time & all - way way too awesome! lalalala.. your boss is clever ;) & you are extra clever for taking the photo at the exact time.. when I try to do that I always miss it TT" heeehee!


  5. Lovely post! Lots of little things that make life so wonderful!
    Did you check the cactus? Are the flowers really gone today?

  6. Hehehehe, that mo is funny. And how cool is the 456789?!

  7. Lol I love Raquel. Ooooh I love those flowers!! How amazing. Ah yes my cousin showed me that, he got a text about it. It is weird.

  8. really nice that picture with the moustache!

  9. oh haha, the good ol' moustache finger.
    my friends & i do this all the time, especially when one of us is at the front of the class giving a presentation- always causes rapturous giggles! works on pens/pencils, too!

  10. I've never seen a cactus like that; it's really pretty.

    I do random thing with the time too and get excited about it in my own little dorky way, but when I tell my boyfriend, he just kind of... looks at me. haha.

    Way cute blog, btw :)

    [sorry if you got this comment twice, i tried once but blogspot is on the fritz]