Tuesday, July 7, 2009

clever title here

these are some of my classics & i can't decide which one to read next. maybe you can help me. click on the photo to get a better view.

i got a package in the mail from nicola! she sent me all sorts of crafty things! & a piece of artwork that i framed & am adding to my gallery of friends art work.

i watched la bamba with my father last night. i wanted him to see it because i knew he would really like it & appreciated it. i love that movie. so good & so sad! i swear i cry every time. anyways, i couldn't decide which song of ritchie valens to put up so i'm just putting both of them up:] la bamba & we belong together.

xavia: yes! i'm making you one, but i want it to be with better paper:]
janessalynne: ohh! yes, my art masterpiece! hehe. i can't wait!
dandelionkisses: it comes out july 17. so yeah! & yay!! tiramissu!! when you come up we are gonna make some together ok?


  1. Oh! Perfect timing! We can see it together! How perfect! Yay I'm excited now :D Heck yes we are making tiramissu cupcakes, I'll bring my recipe book!

  2. yay you got my package! i hope my piece was ok! :)
    and i love your books in the post below!! well done you! they look fab! :)
    ps, your books look fab too!!

  3. It's so sad he died early... really. I loved the movie very much when I was young.

  4. I remember reading 1984 in middle school, it was pretty good.