Saturday, July 4, 2009

ohh i can't wait for this movie!

500 days of summer

mmm now i want to go to ikea :o)


  1. oh i cannot wait to see this movie too!...but knowing my cinema we wont be it until winter! haha. i love zooey! she is amazing! she can sing, act and is simply beautiful!
    hope my letter is on its long journey to you. :)
    oh ps, i am going to hang the cranes you gave me, up tomorrow.

  2. i'm look forward to that movie too
    I love zooey, she's very pretty; cool and unique
    and I love her voice :)

  3. I wonder if you are watching the Hot Bodies of Summer or something like that on USA?
    Because it's featuring Burn Notice, that and The Bourne Identity and James Bond movies.

    I am now catching up on missed episodes of Royal Pains. How did you like the pilot? c:

  4. I'm hanging out for this one too!

  5. Oh I can't wait either! It's going to be marvelous, but what would be even BETTER is if I were to see it with you! I miss Ikea :/