Monday, July 6, 2009


first, i want to tell you that i made more books! these are a little different from the first one i made. they are more like little notebooks with blank pages & special paper covers (some are embossed & some are textured). i learned a new way to sew/bind them & they turned out fabulous! i am very happy with them.

another thing i am happy about is that i won my first giveaway!! i entered the giveaway on the blog ermie. i won sewing supplies from sajou & fabric from nani iro. so happy i am today!

also, i think i want to see this movie. it looks good :o)

oh! & don't forget about this!

janessalynne: haha, actually they weren't from my backyard. we went to the target shopping center to watch. the shortcake was a perfect dinner :P

penelope: oh you are very welcome! hehe, yes, the 4th is fun:]

dandelionkisses: man! we should soo see it together! :/ & we should go to ikea together!

jennifer: thanks again for the giveaway! woo hoo!


  1. are you making me one already , those look lovely :D

  2. oooooooooooo i like like. haha. congrats on the giveaway!!!!!! i still have to paint you a canvas! suisun was freezing and crowded though. but you so should have went!!

  3. When is it coming out? I'm going to come up there probably after the 24th I'm hoping. And I will make you tiramissu cupcakes! They were amazing if I do say so myself.

  4. Oh btw I LOVE your books. You simply must teach me how to make them, I have a load of cool paper.