Monday, July 13, 2009

i love this

i'm in love with matt & kim right now. especially this song. image from here.i got this letter from pauline! & she sent me a date stamp!! i've been wanting one forever. i'm so happy! thank you so much pauline!!

i got tin man from the library today. i think i'm going to watch it tonight. zooey deschanel is in it! love her. image from imdb. i got this award from mandy! thank you! i wasn't sure, but i guess they go together. i love them both! i will pass these awards on to wild tendency, arrivederci, & make.tea.not.war.

raquel: yes! i need all the help i can get!

kait: yeah! i was never really into sewing at all either! but my sister is like a pro. i hope some of it rubs off on me. i love your comments! they make me smile.

mandy: i hope i make creative stuff too. we shall see! thank you so much for the award!! :D

xavia: oh no! i already sent it! i hope it makes it to you anyways. at least now i have a good address for the future!

inside the cabinet of wonder: woo hoo! i was sooo excited when i found out that i won, you have no idea! wow, those i never heard of those daim candies before. they ARE super good.

thy lady: yes yes yes! it is so lovely! i hope mine gets to you soon! i sent it a while ago....:o)

allison: yeah! i actually like the food. & it's cheap too! man! i wish i could buy clothes at's a tad to expensive for me there. but that top sounds pretty! :]

penelope: :o) i can't wait to use them. no anthropologie?! so sad!


  1. Awh! Thank you so much dear! Yay two awards! I feel so special lalala *dances around :P

    I'm not home at the moment but I just called my sister & she told me that there are a few postcards & mail for me so it must be your one! Eep, can't wait to go home & see it! :D

  2. cute photos!
    i love date stamps so much!! yay for you getting one as a gift! :)
    i love tin man sooo much!!!
    and well done on the 2 awards!! yay for you!!

  3. I am obsessed with Matt and Kim too! Their music is just so infectious and Kim always has this huge smile on her face while drumming away that just makes you feel like being insanely giddy yourself. They are coming close to my area in September. I am planning on skiving off school to go see them hopefully!

    A date stamp is a pretty sweet gift. I am going to scold my friends for not sending me interesting things in the mail.

    Zooey Deschanel is inspiring. She was featured in a photo spread in my mom's InStyle. I requested that she hand it over immediately when she is done so I can tear the photos out and paste them in my journal.

    Cardboard love gives me hope in the male species too!

    Golly Lina, an award pour moi? : D-I am grinning widely! Sorry I didn't prepare a speech. I'm about as akward as Kristen Stewart at the MTV movie awards!

    Hope this was another smile inducing comment!

  4. Oh, I can see that it's been way too loong since I have been visiting your blog:)

  5. Oh, I can see that it's been way too loong since I have been visiting your blog:)

  6. I love Daylight by Matt and Kim!
    I've listened to it about a billion times on my ipod.

  7. Oh my goodness you received it! Yey! I was really nervous that the envelope would break and then it wouldn't reach you, but it did! Yey! :)

  8. Yes! I know!
    I downloaded it for my Aussie trip and listened to it too many times. When ever the commerical pops up for it, I have to turn up the volume. ♥