Thursday, July 30, 2009

yellow flower

i received a package from brinja! she sent me a button from her shop in denmark & a pretty yellow flower postcard. thanks brinja! she has a lovely blog which you should visit.

i just watched this intriguing movie:

speaking of movies, i can't wait for this one coming out august 7!! (the mash game is fun to play :) it reminds me of middle school!)

one more thing! in my sociology of film class, my classmate, who is friends with someone on the academy awards board, saw new moon & said it was really well done & even better than twilight! yikes. really can't wait for this one either!


  1. Oh wee! Mail mail! hurrah! that must be exciting! :D I've sent you your P.I.F package - really hope you like it I had so much joy putting it together for ye! :)

    P.S. AH YES, Paper heart is a MUST see! Well one on my list for sure! ;)

  2. i still haven't seen bridehead revisited - i'll have to check it out. and yes to paperheart...although it won't be in australia for a few more months.

    p.s thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

  3. receiving packages is the best thing! and your friend sure has a nice blog!

  4. Yay, I'm so happy it arrived -what a jurney:)

  5. I want my mailbox to be as full of wonderful things as yours always seems to be! I am also SO excited for Paperheart. It looks like Michael Cera at his best. I don't think he has a "worst" because he's always beyond adorable.

  6. yay for mail!!
    oh paper hear...:( it makes me sad that they might not show it over here.