Sunday, July 12, 2009

the past three days

a lot has been happening that i want to show & tell you about. so this is my life in photos & words since thursday:

i got my giveaway prize in the mail! it is fabulous & so colorful. with all this sewing supplies, i want to start new sewing projects! even though i not very big at sewing... :o) thanks jennifer!!this was just a box at work that i thought was kinda ironic & an oxymoron.friday
i spent the day with my sister & mom shopping & having fun throughout a city. i went to anthropologie, a bookstore, a paper store, & ikea. we ate lunch at ikea & a swedish candy called daim. it was yummy.this is the handmade paper i bought. it's amazing! the light one has real leaves throughout it & the blue one has a bunch of different color fibers.saturday
i went to the beach with my friends. football was played...american football that is :o)later that day, when the sun was setting there was a glorious double rainbow in the sky. it wasn't even raining & that made it even more incredible. i was at my friend's house for the ufc championships when i saw it. (georges st-pierre is my favorite & he won!)i received my post card from jennifer! thank you!! i love getting mail:]

alright, that is the end of my life in photos & words from the past three days. starting today i am working long hours at my job putting the fair together in my town. & on tuesday i start summer school. i am not looking forward to it too much. but we shall see how it goes...

until the next post:]


  1. lovely sister. :) well, i will help you with sewing projects if needed. haha. those nasty rags at work. their all black, basically. i loved our adventure day. even though i dont like eating at ikea. i need to embrace our swedish side more. :D

  2. That is a really awesome giveaway prize. Lucky you! I don't know much about sewing either but I wish I did. My grandmother tried so hard to get me to take interest in sewing, crocheting, and knitting (she's amazing at all of it) when I was younger but I preferred to be outside drawing on the sidewalk with chalk or riding my bike.

    Your Friday sounds perfect. I love spending days with the people I love looking at beautiful things. That wrap looks really good too!

    Handmade paper=epic. The leaf one is so...earthy, haha.

    I love airmail as well. Handwritten letters or cards arriving in my mailbox makes my day : )

  3. lina, sorry to bother you with the sketchbook again, but it seems i can't recieve any letters from abroad and since that there's a slight change in the address, just few things to add so i'll be sure it'll come to the right person this time :)

    City of Veliko Tarnovo 5000
    "Ilarion Dragostinov" str., number 7 V, post box 12, Todorovi family.

    i was expecting some other letters many weeks ago, and i guess they got lost cos i didn't specify my address.anyhow lovely week u had :)

  4. oh well done! thats an amazing win! yay for lina!
    we have daim bars over here, my dad love them as much!
    beautiful rainbow photos!
    hope you are having a lovely day.

  5. Awhhh! I'm so happy you recieved my postcard safe & sound! ahhh hope you like it ;)

    I can't wait to recieve your postcard! :D

    P.S. Your record player is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I love it!

  6. I didn't know you could eat at ikea.
    Anthropologie! I got a nice blue top with buttons there once.

  7. Wowee at all your beautiful crafting supplies!

    & I SO wish there was an anthro in aus, hehe.