Wednesday, July 29, 2009

it has been way too long

wow. i am sorry i haven't posted in so long. life has been just too busy. i just finished my summer job at the county fair so now i have more time for other things like blogging! these are photos of my last night at the fair. my friend frankie & i walked around taking photos or all the ride lights. so brilliant! & he made me art at the kid art place we were working at. he's so, this post is going to contain a lot of different things. i was debating on whether i wanted to do a lot of little posts or one really long one. this long one just seemed easier.

i was tagged by kait a while back to list six things that made me smile. well, here it goes! (all photos but sister photo from google search)

1. peonies
i think they are becoming my favorite flower.

2. getting mailthis seems to be happening a lot lately!

3. pride & prejudicei could watch this movie over & over again & never get tired of it.

4. the field of sunflowers i pass on the way to school on the reminds me of everything is illuminated.

5. my sistershe's leaving for school at the end of september. i'm really going to miss her.

6. tom cruise dancing in risky business

i will tag lizzie, wendy, melissa, mariel, & raquel. have fun ladies:]

well, i've been going to summer school every tuesday & thursday. one of my classes is a sociology of film class. it's really neat & i'm liking it alot. these are the films we have watched so far! (photos from imdb)

twilight (!!!) the truman showhalf nelsonabout a boy

one more thing before i end this post: thank you for all of your lovely comments!! everytime i get one i seriously get so happy. they make my day:] & i enjoy responding to each one. it makes this blog so much more personal. after this post, though, i'm not going to reply to the comments. at least until i am done with summer school & my life calms down a bit. i hope this is ok. i will start replying again as soon as i can!

dandelionkisses: aahh nutritional yeast. that's it.

penelope: thank you! i really like it too. i didn't think it was going to come out good though because the kite was so high up. zoom comes in real handy:]

ying: oh the kite runner! no i haven't read or seen the movie. i should. miss you.

thy lady: oh i'm glad the postcard made it to you! no, i don't have twitter...i can't decide if i like it yet or not. hehe.

kait: haha you know what? i didn't even think of juno when i titled that post! but yeah, juno!! my sister is much better thank you! she has fully recovered. oh i was guessing maltese too! awwe. so cute:]

my-my: yikes! yeah i stopped by today & went shopping with my friend. fun stuff.

janessalynne: yeah soquel! you need to go next year!! it would be nice to have you there :o)

sarah: i know! i should go more often too. especially since my mom LOVES flying kites too!

nicola: hello! oh i know right!? looks like a super fun movie.

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh you are so cute! we definitely need to have an adventure on day!!

susannromy: thank you, she is perfectly well now :o) ooo! pillow project??


  1. two of my friends wore the outfit tom cruise is wearing in that scene for halloween. cute blog!

  2. i love your photos!!! great fun! you look so cute! :)
    i like your smile list! those flowers are beautiful! and mail is pretty wonderful, its much better than email and all that jazz.
    oh thats so sweet about your sister! :) i am sure she will miss you so much too.
    and tom cruise dancing is pretty amazing!!
    also love your movies you have been watching!
    i send cyber love to you!! hope you dont work to hard!!

  3. Ahg, I want to see About a Boy!
    It is by the guy who is directing New Moon.

  4. your pictures of the rides are so, so beautiful!!! and i just realized we have PRACTICALLY the same name! which is the coolest thing ever! i can't believe you had a job at a fair, it just seems so wonderful! i bet you had so much fun! are you sad it's over?? i'm glad you're doing well!!!

    <3, angelica

  5. That first picture reminds me of how whenever I go to ride parks the swings are the only ride I can handle while all my daring friends hit the roller coasters!

    Have you ever read Everything is Illuminated?Jonathan Safran Foer is an amazing author. Extrememly Loud and Incredibly close is my favorite of his books. I love the movie as well!

    I'm a gardenia girl myself but peonies are so beautiful!

    What does your sociology film class say about Twilight? I'm a big fan but I can only imagine a sociological view of the character Bella.

    I loved Keira's potrayal of Elizabeth Bennet. She made the Austen fans proud : )

  6. wow, those fair photos are stunning! i love the first one and the ferris wheel.
    About a boy is so happy/sad, i really feel for toni collete's character.

  7. love the photos, came out really well. i traville from Dover (uk) to France 2 crossing a day just palyin with kids i love it!

  8. Hello you! Working at a fair must be fun/busy! I like the ferris wheel shot. :D

    Completely agree with you about Pride & Prejudice - I think I have watched it approx. 3245987 times.

  9. nice pictures! oh, i wish i was sitting in this merry go round on that first photo! its so nice!!!