Friday, July 17, 2009

my pay it forward gift came!

i got my pay it forward gift from penelope last night!! it's so neat! she made me a pretty necklace with a bird & teacup on it. if you like it, you can find more in her etsy store. she also sent me some red vintage buttons. i love them:] she mailed everything in an uber cool map envelope. thanks penelope! remember: there are still four more spaces in my pay it forward! sign up if you would like me to make you something!

i'm leaving for camping this weekend, so most likely i won't be posting until monday or sunday night. have an amazing weekend!

kait: yay for fabric! i'm not sure what to create with it yet. school is sad when it is summer school...aahhh. & you are so welcome about the trailer! ellen page is awesome:]

dandelionkisses: :o). isn't it pretty? ok. ok. i shall see if i can make it there before it ends...i don't know though...

srg85: :D yes she's from juno. ellen page is her name. ahh! yes, my music. it makes me so happy when people like it! ooo! the couch pillow project sounds fabulous! you should definitely post about it when you do it!

jennifer: mail mail mail! ooo! you are getting some too? yay!! you're gonna like it!

allison: yay! good! i didn't even know about it & i just stumbled upon it!

patricia: ahaha! but i love that word! it's a favorite of mine of yours :D

inside the cabinet of wonder: welcome!! yikes :D it looks good huh?? i'm excited!

the cherry blog: zooey's amazing!! :]

perfectly placed pualine: yes i did!! silly me, for some reason it didn't dawn on me that you were sending a date stamp. i was unbelievably happy!!! thank you so much:] i am planning on sending you something back! the blanket cover your mom made sounds lovely & what a great idea to use collected scraps! i will definitely show what i decide to make with the fabric!


  1. You're very welcome Lina :)!! I'm so glad you liked everything & hope you could read my messy handwriting, haha.

    Have fun camping!

  2. You had better! Girl I need to you shop overtime, for me! Since I....can't...Go!

  3. Hey Angelina!
    Just wanted to let you know I made a personal blog as well. :) come check it out!

  4. Lol, you silly! Ah I love u :) Thanks, aren't they wonderful finds? I was so happy :P

  5. Yay! I'm excited! :D I'm starting on your project right now! Heeeheee! Can't wait to finish and send it off to you dear!